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Our Vision Mission and Values


Our core values are the fundamentals behind why we are in business and operatonal. They revolve
around two fundamental values of
HARMONY and MUTUAL RESPECT. Much of what the GLSC does are
based on values that show an attude of determinaton to achieve, commitment to see results come to
fruiton, and betering ourselves to meet our outcomes.

All members, staff, elders, clients and stakeholder must commit to our values to work with us.

Our specifc stated values are:

    •  Respect for elders, members of the Aboriginal community and one another;
    •  Display of highly professional attudes and work quality that accompany accountability for actons;
    •  Responsiveness to client needs;
    •  Commitment to achieving the best outcome for communites and Aboriginal peoples without self-interest at play;
    •  Efciency, fairness and transparency in performing our functons; and
    •  Providing a safe, diverse and provider of choice workplace.
  These values are reflected in the organisaton’s focus on employee advocacy, open and transparent
  communicatons and excellent standards of service delivery.  

Mission Statement

The GLSC’s mission is to provide and enhance Natve Title outcomes, improve Land Use and
Heritage, and make reconnectons to the land for the Aboriginal peoples in our region. As
such the core focus of the organisaton is:

    1. Meet our statutory obligatons in obtaining Natve Title;
    2. Support and build capacity for PBCs;
    3. Advise and protect Aboriginal culture, traditons and unique ways of land management; and
    4. Build economic opportunity and equity for Aboriginal peoples and communites.


The GLSC has a corporate vision with a strategic focus:

To consult with and effectvely represent Aboriginal people within its region
partcularly with regard to the achievement of meaningful and comprehensive
natve ttle outcomes and other land justce initatves, while performing its
functons under the Natve Title Act 1993
(Cth) to a highly professional level.