General Publications

The Goldfields Land and Sea Council produces a variety of publications for public consumption, including speeches, position statements/policy papers, studies and reports on activities, and submissions to various public or government inquiries. These are listed below.


The Wongatha Native Title Claim (70 kb Word) Address by GLSC Executive Director Brian Wyatt to Native Title and Cultural Heritage Conference in Perth 25 September 2007

'Some reflections on history and the contemporary cycle' (60 KB Word)  An address by GLSC Executive Director Brian Wyatt to Mining Council of Australia sustainability conference in Perth 25 October 2006.

'Agreement - the key to Sharing Australia's Wealth' (102 kb Word)  An address by GLSC Executive Director Brian Wyatt to a national native title conference in June 2005, convened by the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies in Coffs Harbour.

'Retrieving Lost Ground' - pastoral access principles for the Goldfields (113 KB Word An address by GLSC Executive Director Brian Wyatt to the Cultural Heritage and Native Title Conference in Brisbane, 20 July 2004. The address outlines the Pastoral Access Principles agreement between the GLSC and WA's pastoral community.

Native title - achievement, despite the odds (50 KB Word)  Address by GLSC Director Brian Wyatt to Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies seminar (Canberra) on 29 March 2004. 

Position statements/policy papers

Procedure for handling complaints from members, clients and the public (93 KB pdf)   This information sheet advises stakeholders who might object to decisions or actions of the GLSC on how best to pursue their complaint.

Pastoral Access Principles - Feb '04 (75 KB pdf)  Copy of the document signed on 3 February 2004 by the Pastoralists and Graziers Association and the Goldfields Land and Sea Council, detailing the principles by which agreements will be negotiated for providing access to pastoral leases for Goldfields indigenous people.

Wongatha Dec 800kb.jpg (841092 bytes)

Wongatha people's Declaration - On 20th March 2006 the Wongatha people of the north-east Goldfields declared their sovereign right to self determination and right to decide what happens on their land (click picture at left to see full declaration.  


Progress through cooperation (265 KB pdf) The GLSC has developed three major programs aimed at expediting 'future act' processes throughout the Goldfields - the Regional Agreement on Prospecting and Exploration; the Region-wide Heritage Survey Program; and the highly successful drive for the amalgamation of claims. This publication explains all three programs.

Mabo - 10 years on (50 KB Word) Views of GLSC Director, Brian Wyatt, on native title. Published July '02 in 'Element' by Chamber of Minerals and Energy (WA).


Churchill Fellowship Report - Oct '04 (1.2 Mb pdf)  In June-July '04 GLSC Executive Director Brian Wyatt visited South Africa, Canada and the USA to study land distribution programs and their impacts on social and economic development of indigenous people.

Land Reform: Issues & Challenges (750 KB pdf)  In early 2003 the GLSC's Manager: Legal and Native Title, Dr Bertus de Villiers, undertook a four-week study of land claim and reform processes in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Namibia, comparing them with those in Australia. The project was undertaken with support from the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, ATSIC and the Goldfields Land and Sea Council. This is the published report of the study's findings.

It's more than you think (370 KB pdf) October 2001  A report on the economic contribution of indigenous people to the Goldfields. Each year they contribute more than $61 million to the economy - it's more than most people think!


GLSC response to Hiley-Levy report on changes to native title - Aug'06 (30 KB pdf)  On 24 August 2006 the Federal Government released the Hiley-Levy report on changes to native title resolution processes, together with the Government's response to the report. This is a copy of the GLSC's response to both.

Wand Review Submission (30 KB Word)  GLSC submission to the Wand Review - Draft Negotiation Guidelines, Native Title Determinations and Agreements.